6 Easy Relaxation Techniques to Beat Stress

Your body and mind have their limitations and can only take so much abuse. Too much work can burn you out no matter how physically strong you are. Stress and frustration catches up with you when you work too much and relax too little.

It is normal to have physical and mental limits. Your system just needs a break when it gets exhausted. Take time to recharge and engage in relaxing activities. Here are six helpful tips for easy relaxation:

  1. Breathe deep and easy

Stress takes a toll on the physiology of your body. It causes your blood pressure to shoot up and may cause hypertension. Your heart rate will speed up and cause shortness of breath. Stress will also make you tire easily, experience muscle pains and feel bodily discomfort.

Deep breathing exercises send signals to your brain and help make you feel calm and relaxed. They reduce your rising blood pressure and slow down your rapid heart rate. They also help lessen body pains and help you feel more comfortable.

  1. Reward yourself with a soothing massage

A good therapeutic massage can help loosen tense muscles and decompress nerves. It improves body circulation and elicits an automatic relaxation response from the brain. It calms your system down when you are stressed out.

An improved blood circulation enhances oxygen and nutrient delivery to your body. This makes your organs function more efficiently. It also aids in flushing out stress hormones. A good massage brings into play chemicals that prolong the feeling of relaxation and improves mood conditions.

  1. Unwind with your favorite music playlist

Music positively affects your physical state and psyche. Listening to your favorite tunes can help evoke positive feelings and relaxation. “Happy hormones” called endorphins are also released when you sing and dance with the music. As such, spending a few minutes a day immersed in your favorite playlist can do wonders to your disposition.

  1. Go outdoors and commune with nature

Spend some time outdoors and enjoy the beauty of nature. You can temporarily leave your responsibilities, take a break from your fast-paced life and forget about your problems. You get a dose of freedom from the shackles of your hectic schedule when you commune with nature. You can take a short walk at the park, stroll by the beach or go to the local zoo. Take a few minutes to meditate and fill your mind with positive thoughts. Leave all your worries behind and focus on each relaxing moment.

  1. Visualize positive images and thoughts

Using mental imagery to visualize positive thoughts is a powerful tool for achieving relaxation. You can think about specific persons, places or events that cause you to feel happy and relaxed. Try to imagine how your other senses would feel as you visualize your image. Remember how the real version makes your body feel and react. This technique will allow you to manipulate your thoughts and form a temporary sanctuary.

  1. Practice yoga

Yoga is performed with a combination of physical and mental strength. It involves concentration, breath control and careful execution of various poses. It creates peace and serenity within your body and mind. It also taps into your parasympathetic nervous system and calms certain processes in your body. This is exhibited by a decrease in blood pressure, heart rate and cortisol levels.  Yoga is also known to combat depression, anxiety and stress.

Stress can cause headaches, elevated blood pressure, sleeping problems and chest pain if left unchecked. Keep your body and mind healthy by regularly making time for quick relaxation breaks.


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