7 Working Techniques For Every Student Facing Writer’s Block

Writer’s block is not something only professional writers have to deal with. Students also know about this exhausting state when you cannot push a sentence out of yourself. It is truly devastating and it can be very harmful to students as they usually have strict deadlines for their assignments.

Luckily, some techniques and routines will help one beat this block and also become a more disciplined author. And it is a good idea to learn to overcome it quickly and easily as the academic curriculum hugely relies on written assignments. So if you are facing writer’s block, here is what you can do.


1.   Know That You Are Not Alone

One of the reasons why it might feel overwhelming is that a person might think that they are the only ones dealing with such a problem. Students tend to think that if they cannot complete an essay, it means that they are terrible writers. And it only adds up to perfectionism, self-criticism, and lack of motivation. Those are some of the main problems when it comes to writer’s block.

You need to understand that it is completely normal and all authors deal with it at some point, even the world-known bestselling writers. So there is nothing wrong with it, you can always ask for help. That’s why many students choose to delegate some of their writing to essay writing service, which is a valid option. If you don’t feel like you can manage it yourself now, there is always help from a high-quality ca.essaywritingservice.com out there. You can also read what famous writers say about writer’s block and get inspired to beat it.


2.   Take a Break

If you can have a break now, it is a great choice. Sometimes being stuck on a blank page is extremely tiring. What one can do is just change the focus and do something else. It doesn’t have to be a long break, maybe an hour or two, just to regain self-confidence and have a bit of rest. Do not worry about wasting the time, your brain will still work on your writing subconsciously and maybe you’ll get a new sparkling idea.

A good option is to go for a short walk or even run. First of all, you’ll get some fresh air. Secondly, it is a well-known fact that walking helps to think and be more creative.


3.   Try Freewriting

Another excellent way to beat the block is freewriting. It helps to keep your creative juices running and to overcome that blank page. And it is also a perfect way to beat perfectionism and criticism that might be holding you back. One can try some freewriting exercises to create a routine. Or you can just freewrite your essay or another type of paper you are working on. The main rule is just to type, without thinking too much about it. Do not edit anything, re-read or criticize the text at this stage. Just get it out of your chest. After that, you can highlight some valuable ideas that can be used further. And look, the page is not blank anymore!


4.   Develop a Routine

One of the main reasons many students struggle with writing is the myth of inspiration and creativity. Many people believe that one needs to have the inspiration to create anything. And it is such a mythical state that is hard to find.

But experienced authors know that creativity requires a routine. It is the same type of work as any other. Authors from Bruce Holsinger and up to Stephen King have established a routine of their work. It includes specific hours of a day when they feel more active. It also includes a designated workspace, like a table or even a café. Choose what works for you.  

Another essential part is a clear deadline with a specific goal for each session. Set a goal of 200 words for a session or writing one page. Make it achievable and do it, now the task is not so overwhelming.


5.   Start From the Middle

The beginning is one of the most intimidating parts of working on the text. And for academic assignments, it is usually an introduction, which is not easy to complete. The trick is you do not have to start with it. Just start from the middle.

Write down the argumentation or facts first, like for a descriptive essay, and examples or whatever looks easier for you. The point is to work on your assignment, there is no real need in chronological order at this point. You can edit it all afterward. The introduction and conclusion are better to write the last anyway when you know exactly what is in the main body and what accents to put there.


6.   Change the Location

Maybe your current workspace doesn’t work for you. Try to spruce things up with a new location. Maybe go to another room, find a silent space in the library or on the contrary, a noisy table at the local café. If you do not have your routine all figured out yet, maybe a little change is what you need. It can help to refocus your brain and give it a bit more opportunity to work.


7.   Do Not Make a Huge Deal Out of It

Maybe you’ll feel better from knowing that according to APA, many psychologists do not believe in writer’s block. They think that it is a construct and there is no such state, it is only a matter of discipline. It is not to undermine your feelings. It is to show that you do not need to give too much power to something so destructive. It is sometimes as simple as that — you are dealing with what you believe in.

If you’ll think that it is an unbearable state you cannot do anything about, it will probably be true. But if you think that it is just a minor inconvenience you can certainly beat — the success will come immediately.


In Summary

If you cannot proceed or even start your text, try to change something about your routine. Take a break, go for a walk, take a shower, or read something. Try freewriting and not editing for a bit or straight out start from the middle. And remember — all authors experience and overcome it, so you can do it, too.  




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