9 Unexpected Things That Are Seriously Stressing You Out

9 Unexpected Things That Are Seriously Stressing You Out

Habits you haven’t even thought of may be adding to your daily stress.

Late Bedtime – Going to bed after midnight can have an effect on your overall mood and stress levels.  A recent study showed that you would be more likely to suffer from negative thoughts if you went to bed after midnight compared to someone who didn’t.

Lying – Not telling the truth can affect your stress levels.  There is stress on you when you lie.  Who did you tell what to?  How can you keep the lie a secret?  Coming clean can be the best thing you do.

Alcohol and Caffeine – Consuming alcohol isn’t good for your bodily systems.  And too many cups of coffee and you could become anxious an jittery.

Exercise – While light and normal workouts are perfectly fine and beneficial, over-doing it and causing more stress on your body than needed is not a thing anybody should be doing. If you overdo a workout make sure you balance with adequate recovery time.

Processed Food – Eating processed food raises your cortisol levels higher than natural foods.  High cortisol levels can lead to weight gain.

If you feel your stress level rising….check your habits!  Are there some simple habits you can change and get things back in control?

Key Points:

  • 1Drinking both coffee and alcohol can have benefits in low amounts, but drinking too much daily can increase stress.
  • 2Exercise is generally considered a good st