A Guide To Handling Tantrums And Meltdowns

A Guide To Handling Tantrums And Meltdowns

Child behavior, an essential factor to understand and note when a person, such as you, begins parenting. As joyful and humbling it may be, it can also be quite overwhelming and frustrating when your child starts throwing a tantrum or having a breakdown due to something that you just can’t put your finger on, then to resolve this issue the parent tends to give their child whatever they want which isn’t the right thing to do at that point as it, in turn, just spoils the child.

Even though meltdowns and tantrums may seem like the same behavioral displays, they are very different and are easily determinable from each other. Tantrums are more physical and they are usually triggered when a child’s want or desire for something is not granted. Children use these more often in their early stages when they are toddlers or are just in their learning stages of life as they don’t know how to express these emotions to their parents. However, as they learn how to communicate and display their emotions properly, these tantrums and fuss they create should diminish in quantity.

But what is the cause of these tantrums? Well, they can vary from the simplest of things like wanting a certain food item or a toy, to wanting their parent’s attention or something very dear to them like their favorite plushie. Now when the parent supplies the child with what they want, the child sees this as a technique to gain certain leverage and uses this every time they want something. 

If not dealt with in the early stages of life the children become prone to this habit of expressing their emotions explicitly in ways that aren’t quite appropriate and considered immature for their age.  If they don’t score a goal, or as mentioned earlier, they want their parent’s attention because their sibling is getting more than them, they tend to get infuriated rather quickly and lash out, this may even cause harm to themselves or others and things. Sometimes, the child also checks if the parent is looking at them or if they are occupied so that they can get what they want as the parent would want to keep them quiet as they are busy. They will do this until they get what they want or they realize that it’s useless to throw a tantrum as it won’t get them what they want.

To ensure that, from a young age, your child knows how to control his/her emotions and express themselves clearly, you can start by telling them that their tan