Boosting Moods with Foods

What we eat can affect our mood, both positively or negatively. Depression risk is increased if a person does not follow a healthy diet. Eating well is good for more than just the body, it’s healthy for your mind as well. Some research has looked at the type of diet to determine any corresponding mood effects, to see if there’s any difference between a meat based or plant based diet.

Previous research has shown a link between a vegetarian based diet and overall healthier mental states. Those who adhered to a plant based meal plan tended to report less anxiety and tension, lower levels of depression and anger, and reduced fatigue. But the exact reason why this was so had not been closely examined.

One reason might be antioxidants; vegetarian meals are usually rich in antioxidants. And antioxidants promote good mood and mental effects. Carbohydrate levels are another possible factor. Carb heavy diets have been linked to more effective weight loss, but now they’ve been connected to better mood outcomes as well. When subjects were divided into high and low carb groups, the low carb group had reduced incidence of negative moods. This includes depression and hostility, tension, dementia signs; they were all lower across the board.

Key Points:

  • 1Some studies have shown there are positive mental effects, not just physical to switching to a vegetarian diet.
  • 2Depression and anxiety, anger and hostility, and fatigue levels can all be reduced by eating vegetarian.
  • 3Reducing carbs is not only good for physical weight loss, but also shares many of the same positive mood effects as a vegetarian diet.

Lifestyle interventions have an increasingly apparent role in physical and mental health, and among the most effective of these is the use of plant-based diets.

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