Colors Affect Mood & Behavior

Colors Affect Mood & Behavior

Colors and how we feel about them are influenced by where we live, our upbringing, our personalities, our environment and our experiences.  For example, in western countries white is seen as a color that represents purity and cleanliness.  Because of this, many brides wear white at their marriage ceremony.  In many Eastern countries, however, white is worn as a symbol of mourning.

In Tokyo, Japan, Glasgow, Scotland and Nara, Japan and Yokohama, Japan blue street lights have been installed in some areas of these cities.  Where the blue lights have been installed there has been a decrease in crime and suicide attempts.  They are attributing this to the calming influence of blue.

Color can absolutely affect your mood, behavior and stress levels.


Sir Isaac Newton, in 1666 discovered when pure light shone on a prism it separated into all the visible colors.  Each individual color is made up of a single wavelength and cannot be separated any further.  He also discovered that combining colors created new colors.  Red and yellow make orange.  Interestingly, green and magenta cancel each other when combined and the result is white light.

Warm Colors & Cool Colors:

When we examine the color wheel we notice that there is a warm side to the color spectrum reds, oranges and yellows and a cool side the blues, purples and greens.  Warm colors can make us feel happiness, optimism, energetic, or warn us of danger or anger.  Blue colors on the other hand can make us feel calm and soothed but can also lead to sadness.

Colors & Mood:

Advertisers and marketers use color strategically to try and influence us to buy or do something they desire.  And colors can affect our moods.

White – Fresh, clean, youthful, modern, purity, innocence, cold bland, sterile, simplicity

Green – relieves stress, promotes creativity, envy, natures color, tranquility, good luck, health, jealousy, fertility, calming, promotes healing, helpful, caring, compassion, sympathetic, optimistic, restful, natural, fresh, optimistic, refreshed (easiest color on the eye)

Black – powerful, sexy, mysterious, ominous, evil, death, mourning, boldness, seriousness, unhappiness, sophisticated, serious, power, luxury, professionalism, simplicity, fear, sadness, unapproachable, authority, timeless, stylish

Silver – modern, edgy

Red – bold, action, confidence, love, excitement, warm vibrant, aggressive, comfort, angry, powerful, fun, passion, love, danger, exciting, trustworthy, stimulates your heartbeat (Red cars get more speeding tickets)

Blue – stability, safety, dependable, trustworthy, calmness, sadness, serene, icy, distant, cold, lower pulse rate, lower body temperature, safe, relaxed

Yellow – happy, risk taker,