Complaining – Bad For Your Health!

Complaining – Bad For Your Health!

Are you having a BAD day?  Do you want to share your terrible day with everyone?  Or have you fallen into the terrible habit of complaining about everything?  We need to take control of our emotional responses to life’s events before they sideline us with actual health problems.

Facts About Complaining:

Nobody likes to hear it!  People will try to avoid your negativity.

Doesn’t make you feel better – Generally you get yourself all worked up each time you bring up a negative experience and relive it.

An avalanche of negativity raises anxiety.

Cortisol is released into our blood stream when we get worked up.  This could lead to harming your hippocampus, the part of the brain that problem solves and is sensitive to cortisol.

The prefrontal cortex cells respond differently to positive and negative experiences.  The prefrontal cortex is tied to mood regulation.

Chronic stress can lead to: heart disease, depression, digestive issues, insomnia and unhealthy eating.

Negative moods are contagious.  If you hang out with complainers you could likely turn into a complainer.

Symptoms:  Are you a chronic complainer?

  • You always see the glass as half-empty.
  • You find flaws in everything and everyone.
  • People refer to you as Eyeore (Winnie the Pooh’s friend) for your gloomy outlook.
  • Barriers are all you see ahead of you.
  • People are avoiding you.

Treatment:  There are some lifestyle choices that can lead to a sunnier disposition.

A happiness study on changing your actions not your circumstances showed that intentional activity is more important for happiness than your circumstances.

Just think what could happen to your attitude if you intentionally decided to be positive in all circumstances.

Holding in anger or complaints is not always the way to handle issues.  Complaining with a purpose of improving a situation is different from mindless negativity.

Handling bad circumstances wisely increases self-esteem, empowers you and protects your mental/emotional health.

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