Emotional Burdens

Emotional burden, that is a serious subject, and so we shall take it seriously. Emotional burden comes in many forms, from the light (I shouldn’t have had that second doughnut for breakfast), to the heavy burdens often carried by veterans that have seen combat and performed duties thereof, or by doctors that may be affected by the loss of a patient.

Much of the time, persons carrying such heavy guilt cannot bear the strains of it, and it affects their lives to the point of drug and/or alcohol abuse, strains on their relationships with friends and family, often to the point of solitude and divorce, and, unfortunately, sometimes leads to suicide.

Please, if you feel that you are so heavily burdened that you don”t know what to do, seek professional counseling. These peoples” ™ goal in life is to help those suffering with emotional anguish, guilt, depression, anger, and the problems that may come with these strong emotions.

Depressed coupleOften these issues can be worked out with professional guidance, but at times there may be cause to use prescription medications to help sufferers of heavy emotional burden. Many times people are just too hard on themselves for not meeting their own expectations, (so what if you ate too many doughnuts for breakfast), other times it may be more serious guilt, yet still not really be the persons fault.

Fireman with a little girlTake for example this fictitious story, if there is a house fire and the responding team of firefighters arrives on the scene too late to save every person and someone”s life is lost, it is not the fault of the firefighter, yet they may feel extreme guilt for not having rescued this person and so will carry a heavy emotional burden for this feeling of having failed this person. The firefighter may need emotional guidance to help resolve this personal issue, and although they are not at fault for the loss of life; they may feel responsible because it is the nature of their work to save lives.

But emotional burden need not be due to loss of life to still be a heavy load. For instance, a parent may feel that they have failed their child because they didn’t provide for the child a luxurious life.

Woman sitting with her kidsThe fact of the matter is that most children are not living a luxurious life and if the parent has raised their child with love, caring, and understanding, and helped that child develop into a good person, then that parent has done a fine job.

Emotional burden could come from many causes, and many people are living with emotional burden and may not show it. This could be because they have found a way to cope with it, but it also could be that they are repressing their emotions and this can often be more damaging. If in your life you have experienced something that is difficult for you to cope with on your own, do not hesitate to seek professional help in dealing with these issues.

Depressed old womanEmotional burden can be cause by stress due to financial difficulties, medical issues, childhood trauma  as well as events that may have occurred in adulthood, loss of a loved one, or seasonal depression.

Whatever the cause may be, it can be a serious issue, if you notice signs of depression or even excessive anger in anyone you know; this could be a sign that this person carries with them a heavy burden.

If you notice this, try to talk to them, but don’t “pry” or insist something is wrong and they should talk. But rather just talk to them and show compassion, let them know you are there for them if they need you so they know they are not alone. They may feel safer opening up to you rather than a therapist, but talking to you could help them resolve the issue, or it could help them realize that they could benefit from professional help.


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