Ending College Stress Forever: 7 Working Techniques For Overwhelmed Students

Are you finding it difficult to fall asleep? Are you getting irritated often? Do you find yourself unable to focus?

If so, it sounds like you are suffering from one of the most common health issues, stress. When it starts, you might just brush it off as a part of your life. But before you know it, it is already eating away your time, concentration, and other aspects of life.  

Though stress is not recognized as a medical condition, it can still deeply impact your mental and physical health. As you do not have time to waste, go through this list for quick tips that can help you alleviate stress.  


Take the Reins of Your Environment  

When you are stressed, it might feel like you are entirely out of control. But if you take a moment to look around, many of the contributing factors can quickly be addressed. For instance, if you find yourself stressing over a pending assignment, get an essay writing service that provides do my essay assistance. If arriving late for your class is an issue, make sure you leave your dorm early.  

Sometimes, merely waking up half an hour before or going to bed early can make visible differences in your daily habits. Before you think it’s not going to work, why not try it for a day and see what happens? Make a list of things that trigger you, and address as many as you can.  


Avoid People Who Stress You  

It seems like an obvious point, doesn’t it? Yet, most of us find ourselves in avoidable situations with people who make us uncomfortable. You have to learn to put yourself first.  

If a party invitation means you have to hang out with people you dislike, you can say no to them. You are not obligated to lead your life in a way that makes everyone happy. Though it might seem offensive, sometimes, you simply have to prioritize yourself.  


Keep Your Course Load Manageable  

Ask Adam Fassullo of Thinkswap, and he will tell you that the inspiration for his product was the demands of his double degree in college. True, he managed to create an ed-tech product out of it, but that might not work for everyone.  

Many students take on more than they can manage, only to eventually drop out or not be able to achieve the desired grades. It’s good to be ambitious, but you should know how to be realistic.  

Sometimes, you have to let go of a few classes or a few extracurriculars and be glad that your better performances will convince the college admission essay panel or the prospective employer.  


Establish a Routine  

You might have heard that breaking routines are vital for your brain function. But when your occasional all-nighters become the new routine, then it might be a harmful habit rather than a benefit.  

Your daily routines can significantly influence the quality of rest. It does not mean you have to wake up at 5 am or go to bed at 10 pm. Find a routine that works best for you, but ensure that you stay consistent and get enough sleep.  


Leverage Technology

One of the common causes of stress is the lack of organization in life. However, today with the plethora of apps available, you can no longer blame it on “too many things to keep track of.” You are always around devices that can continuously alert you of any upcoming deadlines, tests, or any important meetings.  

Today, there are apps developed exclusively for students. These cater to time management, organization, access to study resources, and collaboration. Try out a few apps, and you might find your life back in order.  


Create a Priority List  

We discussed prioritizing the tasks. But when the moment comes, you might be too stressed to make the right choice. Instead, we recommend that you keep a to-do list of everything you have to do. Let it even include having your regular meals, getting regular exercise, and even relaxation time.  

Now, rank them as per their significance. You can assign them with numbers 1,2,3, or alphabets. On stressful days, ditch the Cs or 3s from your list.  


The Bottom Line: Mindful Exercises

Any physical activity is useful to curb any tension or stress. But be sure that whether you choose to walk, dance, or practice tai chi, that you enjoy them. If not, you are not likely to stick to it.  

While exercising, do not let your mind wander to stressful thoughts. Instead, be conscious, be mindful about your body and surroundings. When you do not leave room for thoughts, you will find yourself calmer and relaxed.  


If none of your efforts work and stress continues to impact your day-to-day activities, do not hesitate to reach out to guidance counselors or professionals. It is paramount that you take care of your body and mind equally in order to be able to achieve your academic goals.  



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