Hey Fellas, Depression Can Strike New Dads, Too

New Research out of New Zealand and published in the February 15th JAMA Psychiatry reveals that moms to be or new moms aren’t the only ones to experience depression related to pregnancy and birth, some dad’s experience it too. Pregnancy linked depression can affect men in poor health or who are highly stressed.
This is a debilitating condition in men and the researches hope to help treat it by increasing awareness of the condition. He research was led by Dr. Lisa Underwood of the University of Auckland. Her team researched 3500 men with a median age in their early thirties. The men’s first interview was when their partner was in the third trimester, a second interview was performed nine month after their child’s birth. There was a 2.3 percent increase of depression in the third trimester that increased to 4.3 percent when their children were 9 months old. Depression symptoms were evident in those who were stressed, in poor health or had a prior history of depression.
Experts agree these findings support the fact that paternal health and wellness should be focused on keeping dad’s healthy and stress free. This can improve outcomes for the fathers but also promote healthy family unit functioning.

Key Points:

  • 1Depression doesn’t just happen to women during pregnancy but can also affect fathers as well.
  • 2Symptoms elevate between two and four percent escalating from prior and post birth.
  • 3Understanding and becoming aware of the symptoms that may cause this depression early is the best step toward early treatment or prevention.

Depression in and just after pregnancy is most often associated with moms-to-be, but a new study shows expectant dads can have similar symptoms.”

See the original at: https://medlineplus.gov/news/fullstory_163626.html


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