Holiday Depression

Holiday Depression

There is nothing wrong with you when you feel depressed during the holidays. All that celebration, joy and good will can actually get a little much. You might believe that you are out of step with the rest of the world, but statistics say that over 40% of the population just feels exhausted and inadequate. Look around the room at your fellow holiday goers; many of them are just as unhappy as you are. There are steps you can take to make yourself feel a bit better.

Holiday Depression Symptoms

Depression is often associated with mental and emotional symptoms. However during the holidays, depression can be related to physical symptoms. If you have headaches, exhaustion and back pain, plus joint and muscle aches in addition you experience digestive problems depression may soon follow. Watch out for dehydration, stomach aches, and tired feet. You may not feel like your sadness comes from these aches and pains but the chemicals in your body are out of balance and send sad messages to your brain.

If you have been or are diagnosed with clinical depression the holidays just make your symptoms worse. Surveys also prove that are those who are not clinically depressed but still feel that the holidays are the worst time of the year. Perhaps this is where the ” “Grinch”  came from ” “ just plain old fashioned depression.

Holiday Depression Helps: Tips and Tricks

If you find yourself getting depressed at the thought of endless parties and gatherings, and the expense of shopping, make a conscious effort to reduce stress and find a bit of holiday joy.

  • Don”t stress by dreaming of what the holidays are supposed to be. Stop comparing your holidays to abstract movies and Normal Rockwell scenarios. Stop trying to be a cutout.
  • If holiday routines make you dread the holidays try something different. Maybe spend Thanksgiving at a restaurant. Go to the movies on Christmas day. Donate money to a charity instead of buying mindless gifts.
  • Drop the unimportant things. Traditions are awesome but if they run you ragged trying to keep up with them, stop. So what if you don”t get the tree up and in perfect condition? What is wrong with the Christmas pudding falling?
  • Volunteer at a homeless kitchen. Although you may feel stressed and overworked, working for those who have much less than you will give you a sense of purpose. Christmas is supposed to be giving; make a happy dent in the lives of others.
  • Stop being depressed about people who are no longer with you at the holidays. Remember them by offering a toast using their favorite drink, taking a walk in the snowy evening, or even just talking to them