How to Boost Your Stamina

Stamina and endurance are essential not only for athletes, but also for others who  need to stay active and productive throughout the day.  Here are a few   steps you can take to boost your physical and mental stamina.

Eat Healthy Foods

Your body gets energy from nutritious food. Therefore, it is important to adhere to a balanced diet that includes lots of lean meats, vegetables and fruits. Carbohydrates and starches are known to provide enduring energy. Opt for healthy snacks such as nuts and fruits. You can try eating more frequent and  smaller meals to get a steady source of energy through the day.

Drink Lots of Water  

Staying hydrated is important especially during the hot summer months. Drinking water combats muscle fatigue and boosts stamina. You can also try sports drinks like Gatorade, as they can replace lost electrolytes in the body. Caffeinated drinks like coffee only provide a short energy boost, not enduring stamina.

Work Out Regularly

You are likely to be more productive and work for longer hours if you are in top physical shape, so hit the gym or yoga class to build up   your energy levels and stamina. Fitness experts recommend exercising for about 30 minutes every day. Cardiovascular workouts, such as   aerobics, dancing, and running, exercise your lungs and heart. Regular exercise can gradually improve your stamina and endurance, and decrease fatigue levels.

Be Active

A sedentary and lazy lifestyle will surely impact your energy levels. Try to be active throughout the day by walking to nearby stores and taking the stairs instead of the elevator. At work, get up, stretch and walk about every hour or so to remain loose and limber. Buy and use a pedometer, and set yourself a target of walking about 10,000 steps each day. Stay active and alert through the day to boost your stamina and health.  Find out how many calories you burn walking each day.

Try to Sleep Soundly

A good night’s sleep is essential if you expect to work with vigor the next day. If you toss and turn during the night instead of sleeping soundly, you are likely to be drowsy during the day. Chronic poor sleep can cause such problems as  high blood pressure and weight gain. Make sure you get about eight hours of quality sleep at night to get refreshed for the day ahead.

How to Improve Your Mental Stamina

It is not enough just to be physically strong. Mental alertness and stamina are equally important to be dynamic at work. Read on to learn useful ways to increase your mental stamina.

Think Positive

Adopt a go-getter attitude to your work and goals. Do not procrastinate, but focus on giving your best and getting tasks done efficiently within the allotted deadlines. Positive thinking and actions are sure to boost your self-confidence. They will provide you the energy to work industriously all day long.

Beat Stress at Work

Long hours of work can build up physical and mental stress. If you experience strain, take a break and relax yourself with a few minutes of palming and meditation. Palming involves placing your palms gently on your eyes for relaxation. This technique is recommended for those who have to work on a computer for long hours. To boost your endurance, take breaks at regular intervals to refresh and recharge yourself. This will help you work more efficiently for longer hours.

Good physical and psychological health are the foundations of lasting energy. Try to implement the tips provided  to boost your stamina as well as your confidence, so you can accomplish your daily tasks and achieve your goals.


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