How To Deal With Stress And Depression During A Divorce

How To Deal With Stress And Depression During A Divorce

People who have had the sad misfortune of experiencing a divorce will tell you for a fact that the entire process is not a pleasant one. In fact, the experience tends to leave an indelible scar on the lives of people that can take years to heal. Going through a divorce or separation is quite a test, regardless of the reasons for the breakup, the consequences of which can be underlying issues of depression.

Depression is caused by traumatic life events.

People don’t usually fall into depression out of the blue. Like most experts will tell you, if you are depressed, there is definitely a reason for it. In general terms, depression falls into two broad categories: situational depression and clinical depression.

Situational depression is also known as an adjustment disorder, which is caused by negative changes in our mood. It is often temporary and stops when our mood improves. Clinical depression, on the other hand, is a more severe medical condition of a prolonged depressive state.

Divorced couples or couples going through a divorce process normally experience situational depression, which gets better in time as they adjust to their new status. Clinical depression is also a possibility, especially for those who have gone through a very nasty breakup and a prolonged legal process. Some people exhibit the following behaviors when going through a divorce:

  • Poor concentration at work
  • Ignoring work or family responsibilities
  • Avoiding social gatherings
  • Exhibiting aggressive behavior

Regardless of your current state of being, you can take certain steps to deal with the stress and depression during a divorce.

While you may not be able to do much to prevent the stress of divorce, you can take concrete steps to adjust and cope with the expected negativities. Here are some very important steps in dealing with stress and depression.


#1. Expect a difficult process.

For starters, train your mind to accept the fact that the entire process will not be smooth sailing from start to finish. Preparing yourself mentally for the challenges ahead will toughen you up emotionally and psychologically. Issues like child custody, asset division, and other related issues may drag on for a significant period of time. In most cases, the tougher you expect the process to be, the easier it becomes.