How to Relieve Stress and Anxiety Thru Chakra Healing 7 Steps

How to Relieve Stress and Anxiety Thru Chakra Healing 7 Steps

The ancient Sanskrit word “chakra” literally translates to mean “wheel.” But in this case, we are not talking about a wheel on a car but rather a wheel of energy.

Imagine you drive over a big speed bump with your car. Afterwards, your car starts pulling to the left and you have to keep a tight grip on the steering wheel to make your car drive straight ahead. This is because your wheels are out of alignment. Now you have to take your car to the mechanic to get the wheels aligned.

Chakras can fall out of balance in a similar way when you hit physical, emotional or mental “speed bumps” in life. Often more than one body system is involved when you start to feel unwell. So you have to receive healing for your body, mind and emotions before you are fully well again.

In this article, learn specific chakra healing techniques to relieve stress and anxiety in seven easy steps.


  1. Understand each chakra’s role in producing or easing anxiety and stress.


Before you can heal from anxiety and stress, you first must develop a basic understanding of how each of the seven chakras can contribute to your stressful or anxious state.

The root chakra is connected to your ancient fight-or-flight survival system. Both the root and the sacral chakra are associated with the adrenal system, which regulates fight-or-flight hormones like cortisol, aka “the stress hormone.”

The solar plexus chakra is connected with your gut and your intuition, while the heart chakra’s connection is with the endocrine system which regulates your hormones and neurotransmitters, including mood-altering hormones like serotonin.

The throat chakra is connected with your thyroid gland which regulates energy, metabolism and certain hormones. The third eye chakra is connected to the pineal gland which has the important job of producing melatonin to help you sleep. Finally, the crown chakra has a connection to the pituitary gland and your entire central nervous system.

Each chakra plays an important role in regulating the hormones that can heighten or ease your feelings of anxiety and stress.


  1. Learn the warning signs that your chakras are out of alignment.


Anxiety and stress can manifest in so many different ways. While it can be challenging to pinpoint the exact quality of the stress or anxie