What is Hurry Sickness? | FT Business School

The challenges business face today are much more complex than in past times. Today leadership focuses more on the ability to get things done through collaboration rather than topical expertise. With the proliferation of emails and meetings in today’s business climate, setting aside time for reflection rather than just reaction has become increasingly challenging. Dr. Richard Jolly of the London Business School describes this syndrome as Hurry Sickness. Studying 2,000 executives per year for the last decade Dr. Jolly estimate that over 95% of today’s executives suffer from this syndrome.

Key Points of Video:

  • 195% of business people suffer from Hurry Sickness. They spend all of their time rushing around to finish tasks with not ability to stand back and focus on their key priorities.
  • 2Overwhelmed by technology-emails, meetings-conference calls. Organizations and their challenges have become much more complex now than in the past.
  • 3The skills necessary to be a leader have shifted. Skills long ago-Human capital-knowledge or expertise. Skills today- not what you know, but ability to get things done through other people.

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