How To Defeat Postpartum Depression

Adding a new member to your family is lovely, but it’s also stressful. Many questions flood your mind, and it seems like a guide would sure be helpful.  

Don’t Overlook These 3 Easy Ways To Slash Stress

What kind of plan are you making to reduce stress? Are you researching health spas, gyms, therapists, and expensive online programs? Have you had a hard time in the past making a commitment to slash stress in your life? For many people, the idea of reducing stress makes sense. But actually doing it can be […]

12% Of Women Suffer From Depression During Pregnancy

Awareness of postnatal depression has grown over the last few decades and there is greater understanding and recognition of the symptoms and the consequences. Advances are by no means perfect, but mechanisms put in place for new mothers are effective and continually improving.  

3 Mood-Boosting Tips For The Late Winter Blues

The snow has frozen into icy patches on the ground or melted into slush on the sidewalks. The sky is overcast, and the trees haven’t yet started blossoming. Late winter is a difficult time of year — the winter weather, no longer fresh or exciting, has worn out its welcome. Whereas at the start of […]

How Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) Works

5 Important Practices To Help Seniors Overcome Anxiety

Last year, the pandemic brought new practices to protect our physical health. We learned to quarantine and maintain social distancing. Visits to extended family ceased. Social outlets vanished as restaurants and gyms closed. Friendly get-togethers turned into zoom calls.

Why Can Abortion Ruin Students Mental Health?

According to The Guttmacher Institute, 862,000 abortions were performed in the US in 2017. These cases are notably, only those that were reported or conducted at legalized clinics, it is believed that over 600,000 illegal abortions are procured each year on people aged 15 to 44. It is worth noting that the said statistics indicate […]

CBD Connects The Dots Between IBS, Anxiety, Stress, And Sleep

That moment when something stressful happens and your stomach feels like a fiery pit of molten hot lava. With a side-order of too many coffees to get you through a hard day. If that sounds familiar and you experience frequent stomach upset, balancing your digestive tract is a necessity.

7 Working Techniques For Every Student Facing Writer’s Block

Writer’s block is not something only professional writers have to deal with. Students also know about this exhausting state when you cannot push a sentence out of yourself. It is truly devastating and it can be very harmful to students as they usually have strict deadlines for their assignments.

How Eating Healthy Helps You Manage Depression

You’ve probably heard it before, but it cannot be stated enough, a healthy diet and a healthy body will do wonders for your mind. And keeping your mind and body is one easy way to improve your life and is even one of the tips to save money on life insurance.