Panic Attacks – You may need iron!

Panic Attacks – You may need iron!

Panic attacks are a form of an anxiety disorder in which the person exhibits a specific set of symptoms.  There are differences between anxiety attacks and panic attacks that involve the length and intensity of the symptoms.  People who suffer from anxiety attacks find that the symptoms come on more slowly than with panic attacks and the symptoms in anxiety attacks last longer than those in people suffering from panic attacks.

Research from the Mayo Clinic believes that between 10 and 20% of US citizens will have a panic attack at some point in their lives.

A panic attack happens with the natural flight or fight reaction kicks in at the wrong time.  This is an involuntary physiological response that happens when the body is preparing to deal with an emergency or dangerous situation.  When stress causes an increase in adrenaline it will cause the body to increase metabolism to quickly produce energy.  The muscles become tense, heart beat and breathing accelerate and the blood composition actually changes slightly.

At times outside of a dangerous situation these symptoms can be frightening and distressing.  A person experiencing these symptoms can find that thinking clearly is nearly impossible.

Panic attacks are usually intense, happen quickly and usually stop within 20 to 30 minutes.  Anxiety att