Six Types Of Addiction

Addiction is nothing but a chronic disease that is characterized by abnormal behavior with regards to the consumption of a substance. No one can deny the fact that addiction of any kid not only causes physical damage, but it equally responsible for causing mental health issues. Whenever the term “addiction” is discussed, people only associate it with the irregular intake of alcohol or drugs. However, the truth be told, addiction has many types. In this article we will guide you through different kinds of addiction you must know:

  1. Alcohol addiction

Alcohol is a beverage that is consumed by millions of people across the globe. It starts impacting the human body as soon as somebody takes their first sip. Those who engage in binge drinking are at a higher risk of kidney failure, multiple organ dysfunction, and other problems. Men and women are suggested to not drink more than 14 units per week.

  1. Prescription drug addiction

Prescription medicines are given to people who are suffering from some medical condition. However, frequent use of painkillers and supplements can lead to an addiction that can have severe repercussions. Such medicines should be taken for a short time and must not be repeated.

  1. Eating disorders

People who have eating disorders such as food addiction might destroy their entire lives. You should know that the most common types of eating disorders are bulimia and anorexia. When Princess Diana talked about her eating disorder, it was only then that a lot of people got the audacity to talk about a highly stigmatized issue at that time.

  1. Pornography addiction

Porn is mental therapy for many, but it destroys the lives of people who get addicted to it. Many married couples often divorce when one of the partners starts to cheat all the time by watching porn. Pornography addiction eventually transitions into adultery and restrained relationships over time.

  1. Drug addiction

Many people in the world use cannabis for recreational purposes; however too much intake can lead to addiction. If you don’t know, cocaine and heroin can cause severe addiction that can destroy the lives of innocent people. Visit Utah addiction center to know the professional services they provide to addicts.

  1. Sex addiction

There are numerous stories of people who got engaged in sex addiction and destroyed their lives. In a survey conducted, one female sex-addict who was interviewed, claimed that during sex addiction, having sex even five times a day wasn’t enough for her. Sex addiction is the reason why so many people get STD’s and HIV.

What is the treatment of addiction?

You will get shocked to know; there are many other forms of addictions that people suffer from. One thing that is mutually common amongst these issues is they all cause physical, mental and emotional damage to a person. The best way to treat addiction is to first acknowledge it as a problem and consult professional help as early as possible. Addiction of any kind is notorious and can curtail social relationships in a short time.


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HealthStatus teams with authors from organizations to share interesting ideas, products and new health information to our readers.

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