Skeptics Turned Believers The Doctors Sound Off On Thync

The Doctors is a show anyone with interests in health topics should watch. It regularly debunks popular health myths. It also gives great information that can help you stay healthy. If you need to see evidence before you believe anything, and this would make you a skeptic, they can provide that and they do. The information they give is well researched and is backed up. They’re not just sitting around spouting off. This is not just their opinions here. That’s how it differs from other less reputable talk shows. Think of a health news show with personable hosts and that perfectly describes this show. I have personally learned a great deal from it and it has turned me into a believer on many topics.

Key Points of Video:

  • 1A device that uses electrical stimulation to help calm a person.
  • 2This is a non-regulated and non-medical device.
  • 3Device can boost energy or calm depending on the person’s needs.

You can see the device at the Thync Website


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