Stressed Out Middle-Aged Workers Have Higher Risk of Mental Health Issues

It is more likely for middle aged adults to develop mental health problems down the road if they are constantly over stressed from work.

There has been a   scientific study done in the UK where they collected responses from over 6000 workers. Based on the results, about one third expressed that they could not control the tasks they do at work and another quarter percent of the workers expressed that they work a very demanding job. The study also reported that for those who are over the age of 50 working jobs with high levels of stress, they are about twice as likely to develop some sort of mental health disorder compared to those with low stress jobs.

Many other studies have also found a relevant correlation between stress in the workplace and the effect that it has on its employee’s mental health. However, it is still difficult to pinpoint whether or not these mental health problems developed first or whether it started from the difficult work situations.

A controlled study was then done to back up this claim where none of the workers showed any psychological issues at the beginning of the study which indicates that difficulties at work most likely had to have developed first. Currently, the factors or specific reasons from job strain that would cause mental illness still remains to be solved but it is very clear that these are all significant factors which can lead to many complex problems in addition to common psychological and mental illness. Other health issues relating to the heart or diabetes can also develop as well.

Key Points:

  • 1More stress in the work place leads to higher risk of mental health issues.
  • 2People with little control over their work have a higher rate of mental health issues.
  • 3High stress can also lead to other health issues like heart disease and obesity.

Middle-aged adults who feel stressed, powerless or overworked on the job may be more likely to develop mental health problems in the coming years than more contented coworkers, a recent study suggests.

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