Do you suffer from Hurry Sickness? | London Business School

What is “hurry sickness”? It’s a concept that plagues many Americans. It is taking productivity to the extreme, in a way that leads to an unhealthy and unhappy life. For the busiest of society, “hurry sickness” is an easy trap into which one can fall. This video discusses the idea of “hurry sickness” and provides some helpful tips to manage this issue even on the busiest of schedules. It explains the need to work on a schedule with set goals. Those goals must include time to think and time to breath. In order to fully conquer “hurry sickness,” this video stresses the importance of sticking to those set goals. Watch and learn this wonderful video for a valuable tool to ensure health and happiness.

Key Points of Video:

  • 1Impatience when waiting for short periods of time.
  • 2Multitask while eating lunch.
  • 3Important to stop, think and focus.

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