This Simple Hack Will Turn Your Anxiety Into Excitement

This Simple Hack Will Turn Your Anxiety Into Excitement

Anxiety can be a crippling problem for many; one that those who do not suffer from extreme levels of it can struggle to understand. For many people, anxiety and excitement are often similar states of mind; and the one can lead to the other. When you deal with anxiety problems, a simple state of intense interest in something, excitement in other words, can trigger an anxious response that traps you in a mental health event it can be difficult to overcome.

Knowledge of this response can help you defeat it though. By recognizing what’s happening, and what can happen when the excitement begins, you can head it off and keep yourself from spinning into an out of control reaction that leaves you stuck trying unsuccessfully to keep calm.

The brain’s chemical reactions to excitement and anxiety are very similar; so there’s a medical reason why they feel the same to someone who deals with anxiety. And in some situations, such as a truly dangerous one, excitement that links to anxiety can make it more likely you’ll be able to respond appropriately and save yourself from possible injury, or worse. But in most circumstances, the link can leave you worse off. Understanding this lets you turn it around, and control it. Learn to see the signs before they overwhelm you, and maintain control over your reactions. This lets you position yourself for a more successful outcome, and keep from letting anxiety rule your life.

Key Points:

  • 1Anxiety and excitement come from the same place in your brain and involve the same chemical process.
  • 2To combat anxiety make a chart with one side of bad thoughts and the other side good thoughts to cancel out/reward those thoughts.
  • 3If you have anxiety before bed saying “Stop!” aloud can help remind you to think positive.

While someone in another anxiety-producing situation—for instance, someone who has to give a presentation to their boss—might be more inclined to feel simply nervous.

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