We Train Soldiers For War. Let’s Train Them to Come Home, Too | Hector Garcia

There are many brave men and women who volunteer to fight for our freedom and country. They train and train hard to be prepared for what is ahead if duty calls, and war breaks out. They see things, hear things, some of which is very traumatic. PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder) is something that our veterans commonly suffer from. It is heart breaking to know they deal with PTSD daily. They train for war, but coming home and returning to a normal life with family and friends may be another challenge all on its own. Research has been done, and there may be a cure for PTSD. It is like training our troops to come home, just as they train for their mission. Mission home possible as I understand it, can be done with different methods of therapy. Cognitive therapy, learning how to adjust their high alert sense, and not try to be stressed in a public place. Being in a public place or even a family gathering, may be a challenge, so slowing being exposed will help them exercise control and be able to enjoy themselves. One man named Carlos had tried these different methods, and over the course of a 10 week program, it has made a positive change in his life. This is wonderful to know there is help for our veterans. They do so much for us, we owe them so much more.

Key Points:

  • 1Soldiers are highly trained for combat situations and the stress of war.
  • 2Little to no training is given to soldiers to teach them to deal with the stress after the conflict is over.
  • 3PTSD is the most common effect of war yet it gets little attention. We have a duty to our soldiers to help them adjust back into civilian life.


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