We Train Soldiers for War. Let’s Train Them to Come Home, Too | Hector Garcia

Since the war on terrorism many men and woman joined our armed forces. They have been trained for the unexpected, and been taught to put their emotional feelings in check when it came to deployment. They are deployed to complete a mission and keep focused on the task at hand. They are prepared for war, but who prepares them for re-entry into society. Being in the armed forces deployed or not your daily routine does not match with the rest of society. So, who trains them to deal with the aftermath war, who is there when PTSD has taken over and society discards them as having baggage, learn why training our soldiers to reintegrate with society is a must and not an option.

Key Points of Video:

  • 1The treatment for PTSD  that works the best is training to return home.
  • 2Training to come home involves cognitive behavioral therapy and desensitization to situations that trigger anxiety.
  • 3There’s no need to suffer from PTSD  for the rest of your life. Training to come home will, in most cases, allow you to live at home in peace.

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