What Causes Student Stress And How To Avoid It In College

What Causes Student Stress And How To Avoid It In College

There are several reasons why stress can develop in college students. Performing academically probably tops this list, closely followed by the ever-present financial pressures. 

A related major stress driver is whether you will be able to successfully enter the job market following your degree and whether the job will be related to your learning or even pay enough to meet your financial responsibilities. 

Challenges can arise from family issues, their creation of unreasonable expectations, a lack of support, or be related to relationships and isolation. College student stress has many drivers, but fortunately, there are ways to manage this situation.


Academic Stress and How to Deal With It


Students are under intense pressure to perform academically. This pressure arises from family expectations, self-expectations, scholarships requiring certain grades, and lecturers pushing to meet their own rating levels. The timing and deadlines for producing papers leaves little room for movement.