Why Can Abortion Ruin Students Mental Health?

According to The Guttmacher Institute, 862,000 abortions were performed in the US in 2017. These cases are notably, only those that were reported or conducted at legalized clinics, it is believed that over 600,000 illegal abortions are procured each year on people aged 15 to 44. It is worth noting that the said statistics indicate a decrease in the number of legal abortions.

Why do women choose abortions? Most young women, are not ready for parenthood, and so when they get pregnant after having unprotected sex, they are likely to choose this path. This is the most common cause. Before opting for this seemingly easy choice, one would benefit immensely from reading free essay samples on abortion at https://gradesfixer.com/free-essay-examples/abortion/ so they can see the effects it may have on their lives. The mental burden that comes with procuring an abortion may haunt someone for the rest of their lives. Adoption is a better and less guilty option if one were to find themselves with an unplanned pregnancy.


How Abortion Affects Mental Health

You are less likely to be burdened with the guilt of terminating a life if you choose your life without abortion. See how your mental health could be affected by getting rid of a pregnancy.


The child you are carrying is unaware that they are unplanned, so getting rid of them denies them a chance at a life they did not necessarily choose. While you may think of them as a drunken mistake after a wild night in college, they may not perceive themselves as such after they are born. They have a whole life ahead of them if you gave them the opportunity, so it would be unfortunate if they didn’t get this chance.

While getting rid of pregnancy could be an easy decision, it is the aftermath most people are ill-prepared for. The rest of your life is riddled with questions of what they could have become or what choices they would have made were they given a chance to live.


Once the operation has been done, most people fall into a period of grief. They are pained over a life they terminated without much thought about the consequences of their actions. As much as pregnancy is still in its initial stages, a bond already starts forming once you know you are pregnant. When anything happens along the way, you can expect a wave of grief over a companion that you may never have acknowledged. For some women, this feeling lasts a few days while in others, it remains for months. Whatever the length, no one deserves this downtime that could be better spent on your education as a student.

Sadness or Depression

There are no conclusive studies that abortion causes depression, but most people who have done it report the feeling at one point in their lives. The sadness is over the loss of life that one is likely to think about often or a few times every month. Sometimes it could be made worse by seeing pregnant women or babies that instantly remind you of what you did. There is also the wonder of what they would have become if you did not end their infancy. Sadly, this feeling may fail to go away even after years of dealing with your actions.


At one point when you are settled and ready for a family, you may wonder whether an abortion you procured in your youth could prevent you from getting pregnant. If for some reason, you cannot get pregnant and had not disclosed this to your partner, you would perennially live in anxiety. It could even create a wedge between you and even end the marriage. Even if you gave birth to other kids later, you may still live in a shell when you think of your other kids’ reaction should this information ever get out.

Guilt and Shame

Not a lot of people will openly admit to having procured abortions. Even today, where quite a number of states have legalized it, there is still some shame associated with getting rid of a pregnancy. The fact that most people would prefer to keep this bit of information out of their medical records already speaks volumes. You may not find a paper talking about the consequences in-depth, but when people open up, some of them report suicidal thoughts especially when they think they are all alone with no one to talk to about what they have done.


Choose Wisely

There is another way. Mistakes happen when young people forget about consequences, but that one act should not subject you to a lifetime of mental torture. Adoptions have been a go-to option for lots of mothers with unplanned babies, and it ends well for all parties. You remain on campus and work towards your dreams while a family that could have never been complete is made whole. A child previously considered a mistake is ushered into warmth and love. Everyone wins!



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