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The world is full of stressors these days. Stress is hard on the body and manifests the side effects in different ways. With the help of yoga and natural relaxation practices, we can help combat the negativity that stress has on our bodies. There is no doubt that as the world evolves there are higher demands placed on our bodies and our minds. Let your mind and body take refuge in Yoga natural relaxation practices that will help summon that inner peace that we all so desperately need from time to time.


However, everyone is different and everyone has their own way that works better for them. Just like anything else, the yoga that works for you might not work for someone else. So, take some time and explore the various options to see what works best to calm your soul and bring you internal peace.


Paid or At-Home Options


Some techniques to relieve stress can be in the form of a massage or acupuncture session. While these are natural relaxation practices, they are paid things that can help with stress. These types of paid services can be very beneficial to some people. However, for others, these services mean just one more appointment to make and keep and can add stress. Be mindful of which type of person you are and what would be best. Many natural relaxation practices can be done at home.


And, that goes true for yoga as well. You can join a Yoga group or practice various stances at home on your own time.


For yoga, you may think you need to go out and buy yoga pants and a mat. But that is not true. You need an article of clothing that will flex with you, and that is comfortable. Many people do yoga in their pajamas. So, do not stress over all the “things” you will need to work on yourself using these techniques. You will also need a soft surface; this can be a rug or even the grass outside. And, somewhere that you feel safe and comfortable. Although, some of these techniques can be done out in public to stop panic and help focus on the tasks at hand.


Deep Breathing


Controlling your breath has been around for centuries. This is a very natural way to calm oneself during stressful situations. There are forms of breathing that you can do in the board meeting, as well as laying on your bed in a calming setting. Deep breathing techniques vary from having soft music or mood-setting surroundings to calming oneself in public to avoid social anxiety. In any event, you should breathe properly to calm the body and relax the mind.


This type of breathing is through your nose and called belly breathing. You should place one hand on your chest and the other on your belly. As you take in a deep breath, your hand on your belly should rise, but your chest should rise very little. This means that your taking in the air very deeply. Hold for a couple of seconds and exhale out of your mouth.




Now, as you move to more complex things in the Yoga world, remember that you need to first start by being in the present. That report that is due in two days is not allowed in this space. The screaming kids, what is for dinner, how you are going to complete everything today, needs to be left at the door. This time that you have carved out for you. And, it would help if you came with a clear mind and ready to let everything go.


Be mindful of your breathing and posture. This is where you need to sit in a quiet area and start to feel your body relax. Relax your shoulders and use the breathing methods above to really get your body in relax mode. Sit with your shoulders back, contract your stomach and lengthen your back from the tailbone to the top of your head, sitting up nice and straight. Really start to connect your mind and your body.


Release Tension Through Mindful Exercise


Now, there are various positions that you can do when trying out yoga. These will help you stay in your mindful space and allow you to connect further your mind and body. This helps release tension and allows you to be in a safe and stress-free space, which is very healthy. These natural relaxation practices can be done in your own home or with a Yoga group. It is up to you on what works best for you. In both, however, you need to leave all the clutter at the door and come with an open mind.


Yoga it’s also very popular in luxury rehab centers which more often tend to approach a more holistic way, which, in many cases and for many people have worked and not only that, but this method substituted the classic meds way.


The first position that is pretty common when people things of yoga are the Sukhasana, or we like to call it the “easy pose” this is a very common pose that you might be familiar with without ever trying yoga. It is where you are seated comfortably with your legs crossed in front of you. For some, this is a very easy pose; however, if you are used to sitting in chairs, it can be quite difficult at first. Let your body learn the position and try not to get frustrated during these natural relaxation practices.


The Sukhasana will help strengthen back muscles and builds physical and mental balance while providing you with natural relaxation practices. During this position, be aware of the feelings that come when you are unrushed and have a clear mind.


Neck Roll


This is common in natural relaxation practices. You start by putting your head to your chest and slowly rolling it up. Do this three times in both directions, slowly, and this is not meant to get you dizzy. End by looking down and slowing, bringing the head up. Natural relaxation practices such as this can be done while in the Sukhasana position.


Shoulder Roll


This is a great loosening exercise, as well. Roll your shoulders four times forward and then backward. Again, during all-natural relaxation practices, all of this is in slow motion to not ever feel rushed. Yoga and natural relaxation practices are to be used in a very calm setting. Once you have completed the shoulder rolls, take a deep breath in from the stomach and raise your hands above your head slowly. Exhale and bring your hands together and stop at chest height.


There are many positions in yoga that are used for natural relaxation practices. We have just listed some natural relaxation practices that might help you de-stress a little. This is a simple and one of the most common positions that can be done in just a few minutes, even without rushing.



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