Many people suffer from diabetes and high blood sugar. It is important to understand that high blood sugar levels can not only predispose you to diabetes, but it is always unhealthy to overload your blood with too much sugar. Normal blood sugar levels should be maintained optimally, and if you have a history of diabetes in your family, it is very important to check your blood sugar levels at least every 6 months.

What are Blood Sugar Levels?

Blood sugar or blood glucose levels are the levels of glucose present in the blood. Glucose is the primary source of energy for our body, and in order to sustain life, blood glucose has to be at a certain level for us to function optimally. In a normal person, excess blood glucose is transferred to the body tissues with the help of a hormone called ” “insulin” . When there is a deficiency of this hormone or if there are other reasons that impede the normal transfer of glucose from the blood to the body tissues, then a condition called  “diabetes mellitus”  can develop.

What Are The Tests That Determine Blood Glucose Levels?

There are two common tests that determine blood glucose levels and whether they are in the normal range or not. These tests are ” “fasting”  blood glucose and ” “random”  blood glucose tests. In the fasting test one has to fast for approximately 12 hours before giving blood for the test, and in the random test, blood can be given any time of the day to check for normal blood glucose levels. Other tests that check for glucose levels are:

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What Are the Normal Ranges of Blood Glucose?

In a normal adult the amount of glucose present in the blood should not exceed 110 milligrams per deciliter in a fasting blood glucose test. The normal range is from 80-110 mg/dl. If the amount of glucose in your blood exceeds this amount in at least 3 tests and if your blood glucose levels are raised in other blood and urine tests that check for glucose levels in the body, then you should get yourself checked for diabetes.


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8 thoughts on “How Much Sugar Should Be In Your Blood?

  1. kavitha

    hai i have sugar in blood 156 mg .how to reduce please give me a solution.

  2. Perla Dellosa

    Hi have a good day..I’m perla Dellosa.. My age 46 female..I’m suffer high blood pressure.. I just want to know how many sugar do I need to mentain my body.. I go to check up 2days before.. My blood pressure is 177/113…my sugar is 115…it is normal for me or need to reduce the blood sugar.. Please I need ur golden advice.. Thank you and have a Great day..more power..

    1. Salih

      Don’t jump into conclusions by random pressure or sugar measurements as these vary on many conditions. Measure your pressure when you get up in the morning , say at 6.00 am , daily or every other day or weekly etc. This record will give you a family better idea of your pressure. Do the same for sugar measurements as well. Without proper data, treatment will make things worse.

  3. Avinash

    How much sugar should be in human body

  4. Anisha

    Hi I have 133 mg of sugar in my blood does it indicates prediabetes or diabetes

  5. ali haider

    i have 192mg suger .
    so how can i reduce my suger level from 192 to normal . please

  6. Gordane luhega

    According to Mr above he sayed the normal range of blood glucose is about 80-110 ml/dl. That is normal so above of this range could be abnormal condition.

  7. Addlove Warren

    My father is suffering of sugar diabetes. Now 17% ist normal or what? He is 60 years old

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