How To Purchase Diabetes Test Strips At Discounted Rates

How To Purchase Diabetes Test Strips At Discounted Rates

For most people, diabetes tends to cost them a bombshell throughout their lives. Be it in the form of diabetic strips, doctors’ visits, or insulin injections, there are way too many expenses. As a matter of fact, over $825B was spent in 2014 on diabetes-related expenses. Diabetes strips are important for most people looking to monitor their blood glucose levels. However, these strips tend to be expensive as well, ranging from $0.40 to $1 per strip.

How can you purchase diabetes test strips at discounted rates to rein in your spending then?


  • Sell Your Unused Diabetes Test Strips

You can sell diabetes test strips via middlemen to people in need of them. This way, you can also help others who are suffering from this condition and help them control their expenses. Diabetes strips are usually sold OTC without the need for a prescription, meaning it is legal to sell your strips. If you have unused strips that are close to their expiration date, don’t throw them away! Sell them via platforms like Test Strips 4 Money and you can recoup the cost of the strips, which you can apply towards purchases of newer strips.


  • Go for Prescription Assistance Programs

If you’re a low-income or uninsured individual suffering from diabetes, pharma companies have several prescription assistance programs, which can help you find appropriate medicines for your condition at a lower rate. You can contact your diabetes strip company or your doctor to know more. The Partnership for Prescription Assistance happens to be a completely free service, which can help you find a program that is best suited for your needs. If you can find such programs, they can truly be a life-saver!


  • Contact Your Insurer

In case you have a health insurance policy, contact your insurer to purchase these strips at lower rates. Health reimbursement accounts (HRAs) or Flexible spending accounts (FSAs) are 2 insurance tools, which save your pre-tax income in a special account that can be used for specific purchases. Contact your insurance company and see whether it is possible to buy diabetic str