More Evidence Weight Loss Surgery Can Improve Diabetes Symptoms

More Evidence Weight Loss Surgery Can Improve Diabetes Symptoms

It is well known that obesity has become a large problem in our world. It is also quite common knowledge that individuals suffering from obesity are at a much higher-risk of suffering from other, potentially more serious, conditions. One of these conditions is type 2 diabetes. Some countries have begun suggesting weight-loss surgery for these individuals that are obese and suffering from type 2 diabetes. There have not been controlled studies as of yet, but there has been some research into this topic.

Some studies are showing that a variety of weight-loss surgeries can prove beneficial to those suffering from type 2 diabetes. A vast amount of the study participants were able to stop taking their medication for diabetes. Others who were not previously taking medication were able to significantly reduce their risk of requiring medication to manage their condition.

The United States has not participated in such practices. However, countries like France have begun using this as a way to manage and treat type 2 diabetes. There is still quite a bit of research that must be done before weight-loss surgeries can be positively stated as a treatment for diabetes, but the potential for success is most definitely a possibility. This could most definitely be a breakthrough in treatment for individuals suffering from type 2 diabetes.

Key Points:

  • 16 years after surgery 50% of the participants were still not on diabetes medication.
  • 2Three types of bariatric surgery were helpful: gastric bypass, sleeve gastrectomy, and adjustable gastric banding.
  • 3Sustainable weight loss is effective in helping lessen the symp