Telomeres Tell How Long We Are Going To Live

Would you like to know how long you are potentially going to live? There is no easy answer to that, but scientists are now able to tell us just that: what is our potential life span. The secret of our lifespan lies in the length of telomeres, small bodies at the end of our chromosomes.

Diabetes Symptoms

What is diabetes? Diabetes is an insulin related disease that can be chronic and is a direct result of how your body digests sugar or glucose which is the body’s main source of energy and fuel. Diabetes can be defined as having too much glucose in the blood and not enough in the cells of […]

Milk In Your Tea? Not A Good Idea

If you like tea, you probably drink it for pleasure, not for its health benefits. More than two billion people in the world drink tea. Many acquired a habit to add a bit of milk to their regular cup of tea. It is a matter of taste, but scientists now say that that drop of […]

War Against Bugs

Reading the news these days may leave you confused: bubonic plague? Hantavirus? West Nile virus? Not in India or Uganda, but in the middle of good old US of A. What is going on? Where are all those scary diseases coming from? And, most importantly, what can we do to keep safe from them? It […]

Diabetes Pill Interesting Side Effect – It Treats Alzheimers

People taking popular drug metformin to treat their diabetes might have noticed that they are getting smarter and that their memory is suddenly much better. No surprise there. Scientists from the University of Toronto-affiliated Hospital for Sick Children found that metformin encourages new neurons to grow in the brain.

What’s The Difference Between Type 1 And Type 2 Diabetes?

The disorder diabetes mellitus, often just referred to as diabetes, is a disorder within the metabolism of the body. Remember that the metabolism of the body is the process in which the body digests the food eaten, and how the body uses this food for energy. The majority of the food consumed by people is […]

Children And Diabetes – Alarming Trends

A report presented at the recent American Diabetes Association’s annual meeting alarmed scientists and doctors: data shows an increase of type 1 diabetes in children of 23 percents. When added to the increase of type 2 diabetes among young people of 21 percents, our young generation can expect bleak future.

Blood Sugar Monitors

For 18.8 million Americans with diabetes, blood sugar monitors can make a difference between life and death. These small electronic devices allow them to monitor their blood glucose with just one drop of blood, and to tell them if they need to adjust their medication, their food or their activities.

Pre-diabetes – the ball is in your court

If you are one of 57 million Americans who have been diagnosed with pre-diabetes, you are probably in a state of panic. You must have heard horror stories about serious complications of diabetes ” “ heart attack, blindness, stroke, kidney failure and so many others. But, being diagnosed with pre-diabetes is actually good news