Precision Nutrition and Type 2 Diabetes Management: Is It Ready for Prime Time?

Precision Nutrition and Type 2 Diabetes Management: Is It Ready for Prime Time?

Type 2 diabetes is sometimes preventable with lifestyle changes, and even if you’re already diagnosed with it those same lifestyle changes can help tremendously in managing the condition to your benefit. Regular exercise that helps maintain a normal body weight will prevent the body changes that lead to the onset of diabetes. A balanced and healthy diet are also crucial to avoiding the disease. But with the ongoing changes in medical technology, there are also options for patients who, for whatever reason, have been unable to moderate the lifestyle risk factors they’re subjected to.

Precision nutrition is a new method doctors hope will help reduce the number of diabetes patients. By looking at a person’s genetic history, their overall medical history, and their lifestyle habits; a diet can be tailored specifically for them to help manage their diabetes risk. This approach relies on metabolites, which are smaller molecules that come from cellular reactions during the digestion of food.

The precision nutrition method seeks to use specific results in how your unique body processes foods to more aggressively shape a diet that will best prevent diabetes. By measuring how the digestive processes react to different nutrients, the diet seeks to balance the types and kinds of food that are consumed and produce results even in the absence of other lifestyle changes.

Key Points:

  • 1It is well documented that different people react differently to the same diet.
  • 2Working toward a diet should be the goal that you and your GP need to do together.
  • 3Your genes and gut microbiome seem to be the key components to your diet and your health.

So just how close are we to applying precision nutrition effectively in our clinical and public health settings, to tackle a disease affecting nearly 425 million adults worldwide? (1)
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