Eating Disorder

Adults & Compulsive Exercise: A Symptom of Anorexia Nervosa?

Everything in moderation, even the good things. This can be difficult for some people, those who have compulsions or perhaps an obsession. Anorexia Nervosa is a mental condition that manifests as an obsession with body self image. An Anorexia Nervosa patient is consumed by how they look, how they perceive themselves when they look at […]

10 Ways to Keep Hope Alive in Recovery from Anorexia Nervosa

It’s commonly understood that humor can be helpful for maintaining good health; that patients who regularly laugh tend to have better outcomes. Hope is also critical; for without hope, patients tend to have much worse health outcomes. Without hope, a person can feel like giving up, and their body or brain often follow suit and […]

Do I Have Binge Eating Disorder?

Anyone can be affected by Binge Eating Disorder. While it is true women and girls are somewhat more prone, men and boys can also exhibit the symptoms of BED. One of the common triggers for BED is mental or emotional trauma, such as can come from childhood abuse. It’s a psychological disorder that arises from […]

How Can Teachers & Coaches Help to Prevent Eating Disorders?

Sports are a fun and active way to improve physical health, but participation in sports activities also carries a host of positive mental benefits as well. People who play sports generally see their ability to cooperate with teammates improve, find they have a stronger commitment to self discipline, and are more practiced at making decisions. […]

How I Realized I Have Body Dysmorphic Disorder (BDD)

We’ve all be in the position of comparing ourselves to someone else we know. Or who we’re interacting with, either on a single occasion or regularly in our lives. Sometimes these comparisons can have more than momentary effects that impact us beyond idle thought. Sometimes these comparisons can leave us feeling guilty, or looking for […]

Accepting Our Bodies: Making Peace with Ourselves

Eating disorder is something that can be influenced by something as simple as how people feel about their bodies. A positive body image is a great way to keep a better control of our bodies while on the other side, a negative body image can be quite harmful as a person that usually has a […]

PTSD and Bulimia: Relational Statistics & Trends

Many bulimics often develop some level of post traumatic stress disorder. And many PTSD suffers will sometimes find bulimia being added as problem they need to battle against. Mental trauma has a tendency to manifest in broad ways that can be difficult to overcome, which is why such conditions remain a serious concern for both […]

The Fat CEO: Why Many in Leadership Roles Are Comfort Eating

Stress very commonly leads to a number of negative and damaging habits. One of them is overeating, as the pressure leads us to look for ways to relieve it even temporarily. The satisfaction of foods is something we turn to, and that can cause not only pounds to pile on, but also trigger a feedback […]

ADHD and Eating Disorders: Statistics & Trends

ADHD is highly linked to an eating disorder according to a study. Statistics say that women with ADHD are 3.6 times more likely to develop an eating disorder than their non diagnosed counterparts. 10.4% of people diagnosed with ADHD in the study were later diagnosed with bulimia nervosa. Eating disorders are most often found in […]

The Digital Era: Saving Kids From Developing an Eating Disorder

Today’s world is one of connection. Social media reaches out into every aspect of nearly all our lives, even that of the children in society. In a world where everyone is constantly online, eternally connecting to everyone else who stays plugged in, it is becoming more common, and harder to prevent, how issues with perception […]