Accepting Our Bodies: Making Peace with Ourselves

Accepting Our Bodies: Making Peace with Ourselves

Eating disorder is something that can be influenced by something as simple as how people feel about their bodies. A positive body image is a great way to keep a better control of our bodies while on the other side, a negative body image can be quite harmful as a person that usually has a negative view towards his/her body is someone who might be over obsessed with their bodies, this can have negative psychological consequences and a person who has a negative image might have a great body but this mentality might create the environment for strict and sometimes unhealthy habits that might not be beneficial to the body itself.

Body Image Movement helps people obtain a positive image about their own bodies and help people with negative views gain that self-approval that is desperately needed. There are several things that Body Image Movement opposes such as fixing photos with photo editing programs and the posting of these photos in social media. He main fields of work of this organization are health, practicing intuitive self-care, cultivate self-love, declare your authentic beauty and building a community. These five field are warrantied to generate a more positive view of oneself in no time. Learning to have a more positive view about ourselves, our bodies, can be a difficult task but it’s a task worth pursuing and completing as the benefits of the mind are many.

Key Points:

  • 1 A negative body image is associated with psychiatric disorders.
  • 2 Available resources – the Body Image movement and Body Positive – whose purpose is to increase positive body image among people.
  • 3If you are struggling with body image issues seek help.

Individuals with positive body image are typically proud of their bodies and spend little if any time worried or stressed about their weight, body shape, food or calories.

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