Eating Disorders from the Inside Out: Laura Hill at TEDxColumbus.

Sustenance is much more than a matter of survival-It is a part of who we are culturally as a species. In this TED Talk, Dr. Laura Hill talks about the role biology plays in eating disorders. Through powerful and thoughtful illustrations, she takes the viewer on a journey through the mind of a person suffering Anorexia Nervosa. So much more goes on in the human brain in response to food consumption than one realizes. For those suffering this condition, a complex chain of events occurs which has to do with a human’s brain chemistry. Laura outlines this process in detail and explains how, to the Anorexic, food is a form of medication that must be taken in a well-regulated way to avoid unpleasant results. So, what is the Anorexic person to do? Ms. Hill concludes the speech by telling a story about how one family tackled the issue a member was having through careful and tactful planning. Whether full recovery is possible, or simply management of this disorder-whether you have this condition, or know someone who does-this talk will be 18 minutes of your life you won’t regret having spent.

Key Points of Video:

  • 1Food is essential to the well-being of everyone. It is part of our physical health (nutrients and vitamins) and our interactions (eating with family and friends).
  • 2Contrary to popular belief, eating disorders are biological disorders. Studies have shown that those with eating disorders have break-downs within their psyche when they consume food.
  • 3Understanding anorexia is essential to our society. Many believe that anorexia is a passive disorder but it affects large amounts of people and the outcomes can be deadly.

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