Eating Disorders Spike Among Middle-Aged and Older Women

It is now being proven that not only young teenagers are dealing with eating disorders, older and middle-age woman are also suffering from this disease. Some of these women are developing it now because of a missed diagnosis in their earlier years. Physicians are not looking for this in the older women and they are attributing weight loss to medicines or something else that relates aging. We need to be aware of our families and their eating habits. 4% of all woman meet the criteria for having an eating disorder. We as the public must be informed about this disease and keep informed. It is a growing problem because of the pressure that is put on us to look thin. It is something that is not going away and we as the public should be aware of it.

Key Points:

  • 1Although eating disorders are still prevalent among young women 12-25 years of age, an increasing number of middle-aged and older women suffer from the disease.
  • 2Eating disorders among middle-aged and older women are harder to diagnose because the same symptoms are common in other illnesses or are side effects of certain medications.
  • 3Due to our culture’s obsession with thinness, the desire to be thin never fades for some women; they may experience recurrences of eating disorders from their younger years, have continuous problems throughout their lifetimes, or develop the problems anew in their later years.

an increasing number of middle-aged and older women are suffering from eating disorders

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