Filmmaker Tchaiko Omawale about Black Women and Eating Disorders

Tchaiko Omawale, filmmaker, is opening up about her eating disorder and self harm. She is spreading word through film to help young black women take notice and identify eating disorders and self harm. Statistically everyone knows or have known someone with an eating disorder. Today African American girls score higher than white girls the same age in eating disorders. Primary care often disregard cultural, ethnic and racial backgrounds when diagnosing mental health issues. These same girls are more likly to suffer from binge eating disorders. Tchaiko wants to encourage the removal of isolation young black women feel and encourage them to seek help. The lack of minorities in media struggling with eating disorders under represents the affects on women of color. Showing more minorities like her on TV will encourage others to step forward and seek help.

Key Points:

  • 1Up-and-coming filmmaker Tchaiko Omawale, a black woman, actively took part in a binge eating disorder, self-harm, and body dysmorphic behaviors until the age of 30.
  • 2Solace is a “coming of age feature film inspired by Tchaiko’s journey with an eating disorder and self-harm.”
  • 3African American girls age 11 to 14 score higher than white girls of the same age in terms of behaviors attributed to eating disorders but are diagnosed less often.

Solace can be described as a “coming of age feature film inspired by Tchaiko’s journey with an eating disorder and self-harm.” Omawale loves film and felt it only right that her first full-length movie demonstrated her personal experiences.

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