Eating Disorder

Body Image & Disordered Eating

Most of us have an image of our body, the way we view ourselves. Like all internal lenses, this self perception can be different from what others might actually see when they look at us. We don’t see what others see; we see ourselves differently. These internal views are often significantly shaped by society and […]

Tips & Suggestions: Share Your Eating Disorder Struggle With Loved Ones

Eating disorders are often an uncomfortable disease to have. For many, they carry feelings of shame or embarrassment that keeps them from opening up to their social support network of friends and family about the problem. That can keep the problem from improving, and cause further deterioration in health. Loved ones are just that; people […]

Body Image & Sports Involvement in College Students

Body image is something that affects every college student. In the world of athletics, body image is a huge issue between not only females, but males as well. In a study that looked at 231 college athletes, males typically wanted to be larger and females wanted to be thinner. Sports can help with the improvement […]

5 Ways to Stay Positive in the Face of January Diet Campaigns

Grace Bradley, the communications intern for the National Eating Disorders Association blog posted about “5 Ways to Stay Positive in the Face of January Diet Campaigns. This blog post goes in depth into how some of us face more challenges and negative thinking throughout the month of January. Why do we feel these challenges and […]

4 Common Misconception about Binge Eating Disorder

Most everyone on occasion eats to excess, and we can refer to this as binge eating.  “I ate the whole…..fill in the blank.  (Box of cookies, bag of chips, carton of ice cream.  But this is not what Binge Eating Disorder is.  Binge Eating Disorder is when there is a loss of control when eating, […]

Body Dysmorphic Disorder: What