12 Fast Facts On Contact Lenses That You Probably Should Know

12 Fast Facts On Contact Lenses That You Probably Should Know

The number of people that rely on contact lenses to correct vision problems is growing daily. They are currently the go-2 solution and are classified as the world’s preferred seeing aids. Designed as miraculous pieces of plastic, they have almost eradicated the need for bulky glasses and offer wearers a more flexible option when it comes to taking good care of their eyes.

There’s more to these tiny transparent discs, however than their basic shape and potent functionality. They come with history and tons of interesting facts. For instance –

Did You Know?

  1. An Average Of 3.5 Million Individuals in the UK Wear Contacts

Contact lenses are currently the most popular solution for correcting vision problems in the UK with at least two-thirds of the wearers being women. They are worn by teenagers, adults, and are even a solution for older generations whose eyesight has begun to deteriorate.

  1. People Prefer Soft Lenses

Of the 3.5 million lens-wearers in the UK, 80% prefer soft lenses – mostly because they are more comfortable and are gentler on the cornea.

  1. Most People Do Not Look After Their Contacts as Per Instructed

According to the US National Library of Medicine, a whopping 40%-90% of wearers do not properly follow the correct lens care instructions.

  1. They Show Fewer Instances of Eye Infections

Despite the fact that most users do not follow the care instructions accurately, only 1 out of 500 lens wearers per year will contact a serious eye infection. This statistic is an indication of how safe contact lenses are.

  1. Never Sleep or Swim with Your Contacts In

Sleeping with a lens in place will prevent your cornea from breathing and this could lead to eye damage. Swimming (and even showering) with them in can cause similar damage or eye irritation. It’s best to get into the habit of removing them before you do each of these two things.

  1. Keratitis Is the Most Common Eye Infection Linked to Contact Use

A study by The Center of Disease Control and Prevention found that Keratitis is the diagnosis that leads to a minimum of 1 million doctor and hospital visits every