5 Tips For Keeping Your Eyes Healthy This Winter

When the colder months roll around, many of us are aware of the many bugs and colds that seem to come with them. Equally as important, yet much less thought about, is the potential issues winter can bring to our eyes. Different seasons require a change in routine when it comes to eye care; by being aware of the issues, you can reduce the risk of them developing. Here are our top five tips for keeping your eyes healthy this winter, all of which are incredibly easy to implement in your daily routine.


Sit away from heat sources.

There’s seemingly nothing better than snuggling up close to the fire or heater when it’s cold outside, but this can actually have a negative effect on your eyes. Both the cold outside air and the heat from artificial sources can dry out your eyes, causing a very uncomfortable feeling. Make sure to sit away from the likes of heaters and rehydrate your eyes with drops should they start to feel sore.


Don’t forget protective eyewear.

Heading away on a winter getaway, or perhaps you just spend a lot of time outdoors? Don’t forget to bring along a form of protective eyewear. If you’re getting involved in snow sports, goggles are recommended, otherwise, your bog-standard sunglasses will do.

It may sound odd to wear sunglasses in winter, but the sun’s powerful UV rays can damage your eyes no matter the weather. This is particularly important if you’re planning on spending a lot of time outdoors, such as if you’re off on holiday. Whether you’re looking for goggles or your standard sunglasses, you can find a myriad of suitable glasses online.


Wash your hands regularly.

Thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic, we’re more aware of hygiene than ever before. Hand hygiene is particularly important when it comes to eye care. Washing your hands regularly and limiting the number of times you touch your eyes can prevent a host of infections that run rife during the winter months. This includes the likes of conjunctivitis and corneal ulcers, both of which can be very painful.


Stay out of the harsh wind.

As fun as winter can be, the wind that comes with it can dry out your eyes. Ensure to re-moisturise your eyes with eye drops, actively blink more and have regular breaks indoors to prevent irritation. Not only can these winds cause dryness, but debris is more likely to fly into your eyes which can be incredibly painful. By avoiding harsh weather as much as possible and using eye drops, your eyes will feel far healthier.


Avoid sharing makeup.

Whether you’re having a family gathering or meeting up with friends, winter brings a host of events you’ll want to dress up for. As tempting as it may be to share your new products with your family and friends, sharing your makeup is actually very risky. You can end up getting a nasty infection from sharing your friend’s eyeliner, mascara and makeup brushes, including conjunctivitis – which is the last thing you want to see in your holiday snaps. Make sure you only use your own makeup and tools, no matter how desperate you are to try their new eyeliner.



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HealthStatus teams with authors from organizations to share interesting ideas, products and new health information to our readers.

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