After having a Lasik eye surgery, a person must take measures to care for their eyes. Soon after surgery patients may experience bloodshot, dry, and uncomfortable eyes. While some medications may be provided for those situations, most of the recovery is done at home by following some basic tips. If followed, the patient can achieve a successful recovery. While it may seem like common sense to protect your eyes post-surgery, the article describes many daily situations and mundane routines that most people would not consider harmful.

The article encourages people to rest their eyes by refraining from straining activities such as driving and reading.

It reminds people to stay clear of showers due to soaps.

People may need to abstain from contact sports or wear goggles while doing them.

The sun can cause painful sensitivity, so patients are encouraged to wear sunglasses.

Small, daily chores like cleaning or washing dishes should be avoided.

Even sleeping with goggles is suggested because people tend to touch and rub their eyes while sleeping without realizing it.

And finally, the article encourages the patient to simply rest. While following those healing tips, patients must keep regular doctor visit and be patient in their healing process.

Key Points:

  • 1Keep your eye area clean just like you would any cut or open wound.
  • 2Relax your eyes give them time to recover just like you would a sore muscle.
  • 3Your first week, you will need to refrain from physical activity.

Immediately after the surgery, you will notice an increased sensitivity in your eyes.


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