August 2011 Children”s Eye Health & Safety Month

August 2011 Children”s Eye Health & Safety Month

1 out of every 4 school age children has some type of eye problem.  So it is important that we know how to protect our eyes from harm and how to determine if our child might have a vision problem.

The American Optometric Association recommends that children have a comprehensive eye exam at six months, three years and before the start of first grade. If your child is asymptomatic (has no problems) then an exam is recommended every two years.  If your child has some vision issues you should have a thorough eye exam annually.

Many pediatricians will perform a simple eye exam around age 3.  If they don”t offer this, ask.  If he/she notices any problems get to a pediatric ophthalmologist.

Vision Problem Symptoms:

  • Wandering eyes, or crossed eyes
  • Clumsy or poor coordination when throwing or catching
  • Sitting real close to the TV
  • Excessive Blinking or Squinting
  • Disinterest in reading
  • Short attention span
  • Trouble viewing distant objects or moves object very close to observe


Increase Vision Risk Factors:

  • Prematurity or low birth weight
  • Diabetic
  • Family history of childhood vision problems
  • Infection of mother during pregnancy
  • Difficult labor, Low Apgar scores


Diabetic Recommendations:

If your child is diabetic you must pay particular attention to their eye health.  Here are recommendations for keeping on top of things:

  • Get a thorough eye exam yearly