Best and Worst Light Sources For Your Eyes

Conventional wisdom has always said that certain light sources can be straining on the eyes. Particularly reading in dim light, or spending too much time glued to a screen can be bad for eyes and provide a stressful and straining environment. What people should consider is all types of light sources and their effects on the eyes and take some steps to make their home or workplace a healthier and more suitable environment with productive lighting. Simply put any types of “cool” lighting that can be a product of bright fluorescent lights that emit blueish light can be straining to the eyes. Unfortunately this type of lighting is very efficient and common in workplaces. And while traditional incandescent bulbs provide healthy and natural lighting, they are less efficient than the new Compact Fluorescent Lights (CFL). The smart and safe option is to seek out CFL’s with a “warm” light spectrum. Another solution is to utilize as much natural light through the shield of UV protective windows which will allow the lighting characteristics and provide the efficient benefits of natural light, while keeping back the harmful UV rays. It is also important to never forget to protect your eyes when outside from UV light even in the cold winter months.

Key Points:

  • 1LED lights and Compact fluorescent lights are better eye-friendly choices than bright fluorescent bulbs, as the emit far less UV radiation.
  • 2Assuming your office has windows that offer some UV protection, it is probably a good idea to use natural light over bright, overhead lighting.
  • 3It’s important to remember to wear UV eye wear all year, as winter sun can be just as damaging as summer sun.

Generally speaking, you want to skip any “cool” or “bright white” fluorescent bulbs. These bulbs may emit a slightly bluish light, and they’re often used in offices and schools.

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15. November 2019
15. November 2019
Do you have any information on the natural full spectrum lamps? I was recently told the coating only lasts for 6 months. Do you know anything about the full spectrum lamp failing after time?


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