Cataracts, Clouding and Clumping Proteins

Cataracts are when a person’s vision becomes cloudy or obstructed due to the buildup of crystalline proteins clumping together. A person’s risk for developing cataracts increases with age, exposure to light, diet, genetics, injury, or even drug or steroid use or health just to name a few. When a person starts to develop this, their eyes are not taking in as much light and so rooms could seem darker, colors seem dull and less vivid, and depth perception can be hindered. It also has the ability to hinder a person’s ability to see at night.

Not everyone will get cataracts in their lifetime. They are preventable. Doctor Abel suggests that a diet rich in vitamins C, E and A can help counter this issue as can antioxidant rich foods- think leafy greens such as spinach or salads. Proper care is necessary to prevent cataracts from forming later on in life such as wearing sunglasses to protect your eyes from the harm of UV light.
If surgery is necessary, it is not the end of the world! The surgery is a relatively simple procedure that will break up the proteins distorting your vision and your lens in your eye will be replaced to restore your vision to as it was before.

Key Points:

  • 1Cataracts is akin to the lense of a camera when it becomes fogged and obscured.
  • 2UV light exposure from sunlight is just one of the risk factors than are associated with Cateracts.
  • 3Two symptoms of Cateracts is blurry/obscured vision and a loss of night vision.

According to Dr. Abel the major antioxidants needed by the lens are vitamins C, E, and A, lutein and glutathione.

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