This video is about a product called Cliradex. Physicians were unaware of what caused the crustiness that occurs at the base of the eyelashes and only treated the symptoms rather than the cause. They later found out that there are actually mites that were at the base of the eyelashes causing these symptoms. Cliradex is a purified form of tea tree oil and helps alleviate eye lid problems. Full strength tea tree oil kills the mites but irritates the eye, while Cliradex still kills the mites but without irritating the eyelid. The doctors are happy to use it because it helps treat the cause rather than just the symptoms quickly. Cliradex works to alleviate the problem in 3 to 5 days.

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Key Points of Video:

  • 1Cliradex is a new treatment method that gets to the heart of the problem rather than treating the issue
  • 2Contains purified tea tree oil so it kills the mites but doesn’t have the secondary irritation to the eye lid.
  • 3Before this there was no way to get to the heart of the problem of the eye lid disease of mites on the eyelid. This is a new treatment method that gives a therapeutic option and gets to the heart of the problem.
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Cliradex Eye Wipes


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