Dear Contact Lens Wearer: 8 Steps to Healthy and Happy Eyes

Dear Contact Lens Wearer: 8 Steps to Healthy and Happy Eyes

Ten percent of people in the United States wear contacts. Over forty million Americans wear contact lenses on a daily basis. Most choose contacts to, obviously, correct vision deficiencies. But more specifically, most people who select contact lenses over glasses do so because contacts are usually more comfortable than dealing with glasses.

While it might be common for some to wear contacts by choice, it’s unfortunately less common for every contact lens wearer to take proper care of their all important lenses. Failing to adhere to recommended methods and schedule for how to care for contact lenses can decrease comfort when wearing them, impact their ability to properly correct your vision, and even lead to real health problems. Some issues can even threaten your vision, in ways that contacts and glasses will not be able to resolve.

  • All contacts require replacement on a regular schedule, usually every three months. Without replacement, the buildup of contamination on the lenses can become dangerous and damaging to your eyes.
  • Contact lens cases should be regularly cleaned, and you should wash your hands prior to handling either the lens or the case.
  • Lenses as well as cases should be regularly disinfected.
  • Never let water become a replacement for cleaning solution.

Key Points:

  • 1There are over forty million contact lens wearers in the US alone.
  • 2They are safe for daily use but only when used and cared for properly.
  • 3Replace your lenses regularly and make sure your case is clean so it’s not spreading bacteria or fungus.

As common as it is to wear contact lenses, it is less common that wearers know and adhere to the steps to keep their lenses free from contaminants and their eyes free of infections.

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