Do Not Let Your Habits Hurt Your Beautiful Eyes!

What are the habits that you want to change? We all possess some habits or another whether it’s delivering jokes at a wrong time, being late, relying on coffee for most works, procrastinating, finishing sentences of others, biting your toenails and cracking your knuckles. Almost 91% of Brits have some habit or another that they vehemently want to get rid off. While some bad habits can be virtually harmless at some point, some can detrimentally affect your health.  


The UK Dependence on Digital Devices


By far, the most harmful habit every sole person in the UK holds is the constant use of digital devices such as their computer or smartphones. It’s a worrying fact that people are neglecting their health; the digital devices obsession is impacting our eyes and body on a large scale.  

According to the Deloitte’s seventh annual Mobile Consumer Survey, State of the Smart, which analyses the mobile usage habits of 4,150 people in the UK, has found that 85% of 16-75-year-olds now own or have access to a smartphone. It is an increase of four percentage points from 2016 and 33 percentage points from 2012. For 18-24-year-olds, market penetration is at a record of 96%. Here’s more to the survey:


  • Survey of 4,150 16-75-year-olds reveals UK smartphone owners’ device usage habits;
  • 85% of respondents — 41 million people — presently own or retain access to a smartphone;
  • More than half admit to using their phone while walking; 4.5 million while crossing the road;
  • A quarter of 16-19-year-olds respond to messages they receive in the middle of the night;
  • 55-75-year-old ‘silver swipers’ are the fastest-growing adopters of smartphones.


This data only talks about smartphone usage while digital devices such as video gaming consoles, TV, computers, laptops, tablets and others also add up to the many bad habits every age group is swinging in their life. The infatuation towards these devices is getting worse day by day and the only solution that we can conclude to cease the number of hours you use them or use protection like blue light glasses.  


What happens with prolonged hours of digital devices used?


Since one-fifth of British adults spend more than 40 hours a week online, it’s safe to say that the consumption of digital devices has gone a bit overboard. For professions like programmers, graphic designers, accountants, ITicians and many other professions that depend on these digital devices for their work and others say that being on these digital devices allows them to work more flexibly and keeps them closer to family and friends are being exposed to harmful digital rays daily.  


What are Digital Rays?


Digital rays are also known as blue light rays that are emitted from most of the things in our surroundings like the sun, the LED lights and our beloved digital devices. Blue light rays directly penetrate the retina of our eyes since our eyes can’t obstruct their passage and cause several eye conditions that prove to be painful and often leads to the cause of potential vision loss.

You must have experienced situations where you feel itchiness in your eyes while sitting in front of your computers. It is also called computer vision syndrome which has become a common problem among many users. When you use your smartphone or computers for long hours, you start to experience eye strain, blurry vision, headaches, dryness, redness, burning sensation, slowness of focus change and many more in your eyes.  

These harmful effects are the result of prolonged hours of digital devices consumption, and it affects our eyes quite severely. It can lead to dry eyes, eye strain and in severe cases can lead to migraines in future. The visual discomforts obstruct your workflow and reduce your productivity which impacts your work and everyday life. Blue light rays also obstruct your sleeping pattern by suppressing the release of melatonin which is a sleep-inducing syndrome that promotes sleepiness at night. You tend to stay awake for longer hours at night and have to continue your day looking tired and exhausted.


What can we do about it?


What’s the solution to decrease the harmful effects of blue light rays and how to protect your eyes. The precise answer would be to destroy the root of the problems, the digital devices. However, we can’t possibly do that because our lives are thoroughly integrated with digital devices, and many works are made easy with their help. We rely on several devices for fun and entertainment as well, to get away from reality. However another possible solution would be to eliminate harmful blue light rays by implementing protection like blue light glasses. Blue light glasses effortlessly allow you to continue your work with active protection from blue light rays. Blue light lenses have special blue light blocking coating that is applied on any prescription or non-prescribed glasses frames made for everyone to safeguard themselves from harmful blue light rays. Blue light glasses are an efficient solution towards blocking 99.9% of harmful blue light.


What are the benefits of Blue Light Glasses?


  • Blocks out harmful Blue Light Rays: Blue light glasses contain an anti-reflective coating that effectively blocks out harmful blue light rays from entering your eyes.
  • Eliminate Computer Vision Syndromes: Blue light glasses eliminate eye strain, headaches, dry eye, itchiness, burning sensation and all other associated computer vision syndrome.
  • Improve sleep: It allows you to stay productive and active by enabling the secretion of melatonin that is generally ceased by blue light rays and allows comfortable and functional hours of sleep.
  • Fight against Age-Related Macular Degeneration: Blue light rays promote AMD, but with protective blue light filter glasses, you can combat this condition quickly.
  • One-stop solution for Smartphones obsession: Blue light glasses helps you to easily protect yourself from blue light rays by just putting on a pair of blue light filter glasses frames. With these glasses, you can continue working consistently on computers without any disturbance or visual discomfort.


Habits are generally pleasant if they don’t cause any harm to health and taking protection towards eliminating those harmful effects is the right strike. Buy Blue light glasses at Specscart in prescriptive and non-prescription lenses with an extensive range of handcrafted frames at an unbelievable price.   Specscart provides its lenses with free protective add-ons such as anti-glare, anti-scratch, anti-UV and impact resistance. Go ahead and try them for a free home trial of one week.  



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