Do Your Contact Lenses Feel Fresh?

Do Your Contact Lenses Feel Fresh?

We all love that crisp feeling when we’ve just come out of the shower. It’s no different when it comes to our eyes. Contact lens wearers will know this feeling quite well. But some of us let ourselves get inured to the well worn contacts we’ve been using, even as they might leave us feeling less enthusiastic about popping them in so we can go about our day with full vision.

While contacts should be replaced regularly, according to the replacement schedule provided with them, you don’t have to wait to get that fresh feeling back. You should also follow the cleaning and care instructions very carefully. Your doctor can also provide advice and details for how and when, and with what, you should be caring for your contacts. Both when you remove them, and also for when it’s time to put them back in your eyes. The host of recommended procedures for cleaning, storing, and then readying them for use again will go a long way to helping your contacts stay in the best shape.

If cleaning isn’t working, even if it’s you who can’t hit all the steps correctly, there’s still an option. Single use lenses will avoid the pitfalls that can not only make wearing your contacts uncomfortable, but even possibly threaten your sight. Wear a single use lens once, then throw it away. Simple and easy.

Key Points:

  • 1Following a regular replacement schedule is critical as protein deposits on the lenses are harmful to your eyes.
  • 2Always use the correct cleaning solution and do not rinse the lenses with tap water to avoid infection.
  • 3Using disposable lenses may be the perfect solution as you simply throw them away at the end of each day – no cleaning required.

Taking proper care of your contact lenses is the first step to ensuring your and your eyes’ happiness.

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