Eye Care Tips For Spring

Spring is here and we all are ready to wear our shorts and tee-shirts and have fun in the spring day. But it is very important to be careful about problems such as vision problem that can be caused by the harmful sun-rays.
The main dos that you should always remember are:

1. Wearing sunglasses is very important; it will help you to protect your eyes from the UV rays. So don’t forget to carry those trendy shades and look smart in spring days .

2. Washing your eyes and hands is very important to keep yourself free from the irritation that is caused by the sun. artificial tears are solution to this problem.  Oasis Tears, the only tears on the market that are preservative-free, yet still come in a convenient bottle container.

3. Just as you can have allergies outside you can have allergies inside your home too.  To combat this try an air purifier and put HEPA filters on your cooling / heating system.

If you wear contacts or glasses:   clean often, pollen can stick to those and be invisible.   And if your eyes are having an allergic reaction, remove contacts and wear glasses.   This is easier on your eyes.

Key Points:

  • 1Wearing sunglasses and washing your eyes will help reduce contact with pollen and other springtime allergens.
  • 2Installing hyper allergenic air filters in your home will help reduce irritants that are in your home.
  • 3Wash glasses and contacts often to eliminate pollen.

Spring has just about sprung, and that probably means you’re gearing up to get back to your old outdoor habits. It’s always a treat getting out for that first warm spring day when you can just wear a t-shirt and shorts.

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