Green Glasses For Jet Lag

Green Glasses For Jet Lag

Australian scientists came up with an interesting and innovative way to get rid of jet lag: with a pair of green glasses. The glasses, which look like ordinary sun glasses, emit green light which has the ability to reset our internal clock. The glasses, called Re-Timers, have recently hit the Australian market, just in time for holiday trips.

How does it work?

The Re-Timers emit green light onto our eyes, stimulating the part of the brain that regulates our internal body clock. Body clock, also called circadian rhythm, affects our sleep and waking patterns. It also has influence on our metabolism, alertness and our performance levels.

Our eyes, using photoreceptors, detect light and dark and send signal to the brain to be awake and alert or to go to sleep. Unfortunately, artificial light and indoor activities affect this light-dark daily rhythm. Other activities, such as long travel, shift work, nightly computer games or simply not enough sunlight can completely disrupt our normal daily cycle.

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What the Re-Timers achieve is to tweak our body clock, depending on what we need: to delay it or to advance it, using a specific wavelength that can manipulate it.

How to use Re-Timers?

If you want to advance your body clock, for example in order to wake up earlier, you need to wear the green glasses 50 minutes every day, for three days in a row, just after you wake up.

If your goal is to delay your body clock, in order to wake up later, you should wear the green glasses for 50 minutes for three days in a row, just before you are going to sleep.

The scientists who invented them and the manufacturer SMR Components claim that the green glasses are completely safe and more effective than the currently existing medications which affect our internal clock and cure annoying jet lag.

Green glasses are not yet available for American consumers.


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